Last chance to stop the cold storage plant

This email was passed along to members of the Stop Cold Storage in the Quarter/Marigny/Bywater! group on Facebook.

After Tuesday night’s BNA meeting where State Rep. Jared Brossitt announced that the Port was actively seeking a new location for NOCS and after thunderous applause I think it would be a good idea to contact your politicians one last time to ask that they consider changing the placement of the proposed NOCS facility in the French Quarter.

As you do or do not know the opposition continues to grow with ALL river front neighborhood organizations opposed including; FMIA, BNA, NOCCA, VCPORA and now FQC, (French Quarter Citizens)

Citizens will have one last chance to stop the proposed cold storage facility at the Governor Nichols Wharf at the foot of Elsplanade.  For more information about the issue and contact information for politicians see the Foubourg Marigny Improvement Association’s website

Lower Decatur Street communities on the internet.

People are always saying to me, “Joe, where do we find other Lower Decatur Street communities on the internet?”. Well, there are a few interesting places to look my friends.

LiveJournal hosts this lively online communty that also discusses life around the neighborhood. There are up to the minute posts for many events in the area, almost always posted by devoted fans. Here, you’ll find movie listings for Mojo Lounge’s Tuesday Movie Night with Mark. All of the notable events at the Whirling Dervish are announced here as well.

There is also an RSS feed that you can find in the side bar of this site.


Not surprisingly you’ll find the neighborhood well represented on this wildy popular social networking site. Here’s who I found.

Lower Decatur Group – A MySpace group for folks in the area to meet, many of the same folks who do the LiveJournal group. – We have a growing group of friends on MySpace as well.

Many of the neighborhood merchants have their own unique MySpace profiles.

Aunt Tiki’s



The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Mary Jane’s Emporium

Molly’s at the Market

The Whirling Dervish

Wicked Orleans

Super Don versus the Grey Ghost.

Local hero Don got fed up with New Orleans’ self apointed graffiti czar. Fred Radtke, AKA the Grey Ghost, has been painting Grey blobs over graffiti and stickers on buildings, street signs, vehicles, and just about everything else in the city for years. Don decided to take action by requesting paint from property owners, and then painting the property to cover the Grey blobs. We caught up with Don as he painted the building at 1225 Decatur, which is owned by the Le Richelieu Hotel and serves as their laundry facility. He plans on establishing a community bulliten board to house the many flyers that are posted here everyday.

Super Don

Mules Gone Wild : Lower Decatur Edition

This Wednesday a mule pulling tourists through the French Quarter got spooked on Lower Decatur Street. They turned around on the 1200 block and went against traffic down the street bashing a minivan in front of Cafe Envie. A passenger jumped to safety near the Mint, and was later seen being checked out by EMS. Then the mule and empty carriage went the wrong way up Esplanade hitting several cars until, finally stopping when they impaled the side of a small car.

Damaged minivan on Decatur Street
Mule 1 Cars 0

the wild mule after aprehention
What me?

Stopped at last