Lower Decatur Street communities on the internet.

People are always saying to me, “Joe, where do we find other Lower Decatur Street communities on the internet?”. Well, there are a few interesting places to look my friends.



LiveJournal.com hosts this lively online communty that also discusses life around the neighborhood. There are up to the minute posts for many events in the area, almost always posted by devoted fans. Here, you’ll find movie listings for Mojo Lounge’s Tuesday Movie Night with Mark. All of the notable events at the Whirling Dervish are announced here as well.

There is also an RSS feed that you can find in the side bar of this site.


Not surprisingly you’ll find the neighborhood well represented on this wildy popular social networking site. Here’s who I found.

Lower Decatur Group – A MySpace group for folks in the area to meet, many of the same folks who do the LiveJournal group.

LowerDecatur.com – We have a growing group of friends on MySpace as well.

Many of the neighborhood merchants have their own unique MySpace profiles.

Aunt Tiki’s



The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

Mary Jane’s Emporium

Molly’s at the Market

The Whirling Dervish

Wicked Orleans

Even more Site Updates

  • A ‘Link to Us‘ page has been created. This allows folks to make a link back to LowerDecatur.com without any knowledge of web publishing. If you have a business on Lower Decatur with a web presence linking is strongly suggested.
  • The ‘Lower Decatur Links’ page was created. It uses the same database that generates the links on the sidebar. This most likely will be replaced in the future.
  • The EzStatic plugin has been disabled and removed, as it was discoverd that embedding the map into a page is possible without this plugin. Several links to the map on the site were updated to reflect the change.
  • The word press Searchall plugin was installed to improve results when using the search form on the site. For some unknown reason neither the current ‘Lower Decatur Links’ or the sidebar links are searched, but they are still indexed by search engines.
  • Installed an RSS feed plugin that currently grabs information from the Lower Decatur group on LiveJournal. It’s located in the right sidevar. Ideally each venue with events in the neighborhood would have a simple blog account somewhere that produces an easy to integrate RSS feed. There is also the posibility of using WWOZ’s data with a google/ical calendar.
  • A search engine landing feature is in the works that hopefully makes it easier for visitors from search engines (a lot of our traffic) find relevant information on the site.