Mr. Okra calls bullshit on the French Market

This award winning short documentary takes a look at one of the most colorful characters in the city, Mr. Okra. We follow him around the 9th ward and French Quarter as he shares thoughts on food and life in the city, including the story of his name. Particularly interesting is his take on the modern day French Market. “It’s gone”, he says, referring to the produce and fish markets. As he tours the market shaking his head, you can’t help but agree that it’s gone.


Complicated Life by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band

This YouTube gem turned up in a recent post on the LiveJournal New Orleans community. It’s a very well done video for a great song.

Filmed in mid-2005, this is a glimpse into life on the French Quarter’s lower Decatur Street before Hurricane Katrina.

Originally written by Ray Davies of the Kinks, this track is performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band featuring Clint Maedgen on vocals with a guest appearance by the New Orleans Bingo! Show in the video.

Check it out: Complicated Life

The video is also on the companion DVD included with the Made in New Orleans: Hurricane Sessions boxed set by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Local mask makers featured on Weather Channel's Storm Stories

Conway Horn and Jim Lewis, two local artisans who run their business N.O. Nomadness Masks in the Artist’s Market, were recently featured on the Weather Channel. The segment called “Storm Stories – N.O. Tourism” talks about the state of New Orleans tourism since Katrina. It features Jim and Conway’s shop, and one of their latest creations named “Phoenix” inspired by the city’s eventual rebirth.

Conway and Jim in the Artists Market

Conway and Jim

Weather Channel Storm Stories

Hard at work on the Weather Channel

The Artist’s Market located at 85 French Market Place and 1228 Decatur Street is open 10am-5pm weekdays and 10am-6pm on weekends.

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