Southern Decadence does Decatur

While we had no “official” events listed on any of the “official” Southern Decadence sites, there were plenty of attendees roaming about the Lower Decatur neighborhood this weekend.

Rebirth on Decatur
Police escort service?
Passing the U.S. Mint
Passing the U.S. Mint

These guys were seen on thier way to the real official parade Sunday. They headed the whole sheebang up with their wonderful banner that sports this years theme, “Rebitrh”, in giant faux ceramic street tiles. Some folks say they were lost, but I’d like to believe that they wanted to show the LD some love.

$2 Mimosas, Poinsettias, and Bloody Marys

The diabolical little caffine elves at Cafe Envie are at it again.  What better way to lure people to your place than cheap booze with breakfast.  Just in time in for the merriment surrounding Southern Decadence they’ve unveiled their latest special offering.

Breakfast is served 7am-2pm at 1241 Decatur Street (corner of Barracks).  They also have Gourmet coffee drinks, sandwiches, pasteries, desserts, and a full bar with some of the tastiest absinthe in the French Quarter.

Good only through August 30 – September 4.