Paint-A-Pumpkin 2006 was a huge success

Thanks to everyone who made our first event possible, especially the Lower Decatur Merchants Association for donating all the treats and supplies. Thanks to Chuck from Tyler’s Pride Produce for finding us the perfect pumpkins. Also, we’d all like to thank Dan from the Noomoon Tribe for loaning us his tables. And finally thanks to the parents and kids who painted thier hearts out.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

thumb_img_3219.jpg thumb_img_3221.jpg thumb_img_3224.jpg

thumb_img_3236.jpg thumb_img_3249.jpg thumb_img_3253.jpg

thumb_img_3255.jpg thumb_img_3256.jpg thumb_img_3259.jpg

thumb_img_3263.jpg thumb_img_3277.jpg thumb_img_3283.jpg

thumb_img_3309.jpg thumb_img_3313.jpg thumb_img_3322.jpg

thumb_img_3334.jpg thumb_img_3340.jpg thumb_img_3343.jpg

thumb_img_3348.jpg thumb_img_3350.jpg thumb_img_3352.jpg

thumb_img_3360.jpg thumb_img_3366.jpg thumb_img_3291.jpg

See y’all next year!

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