French Market renovations underway.

The $5 Million dollar renovation of the French Market began this past weekend. The usually bustling Farmer’s Market, was bare Friday. Giant dumpsters were delivered, and two small Bobcats were dropped off later in the evening. The project should take 8-10 months to complete, and will be done in phases, with the Farmer’s Market being the first phase.

The Project for Public Spaces was hired in 2004 to redesign the Markets space to physically renovate and remerchandise the market as a local institution. The goal of the project was to make the market more useful for local residents, not just tourists. Plans for the Farmers Market are geared toward incorporating local foods and producers back into the market by providing them with a specific place to sell their goods. Other plans focused on re-designing lighting, storage, and points of entry.

Bare Farmer's Market

Look Ma! No gator on a stick!

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3 thoughts on “French Market renovations underway.”

  1. I’ve often thought it would be cool to set up shop at the French Market. But from growing up with my mom owning a large outdoor flea market in Pass Christian, MS, and knowing people who have vended or applied to vend at the French Market, I know I probably couldn’t even get in, let alone thrive in that environment of cheap, imported tourist merchandise. I would love to see more locally produced goods sold there, including the Farmer’s Market.

  2. Mallory,
    The current policy in place is to only allow new vendors who craft their own merchandise. So, you would pretty much be exactly who they want. Once the renovations are done, maybe the place will get an increase in traffic. Given that the stall assignments are given based on senority, you might want to sign up now, and keep your name on the list by renting a spot once in every four week period. Rents are half what they used to be, so that could be as little as $4 per month and whatever licsencing fees there are. I look at it like a bit of potentially valuable real estate with really low property taxes.

    You can have a look at their leasing info and application online.

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